Wednesday Reading

Wednesday linkage  — something for everyone:

Paulson’s Colossal Lack of Judgment (Alhambra)

Jamie Dimon v. Larry Summers (Baseline Scenario)

S&P Commits Professional Suicide With Ratings Round Trip, Underlying CRE Remains Toxic Garbage (Zero Hedge)

Business Journalism: A Vanishing Necessity? (Time) I’m curious as to why they limited this to business journalism . . .

How far will US home prices fall? (Vox EU)

Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons (Telegraph)

How ever did I miss this? A NIGHT OUT WITH | CODY WILLARD (NYT)

The Manchester Report: 20 ideas for solving the climate crisis (Guardian)

Musicians Find Backers as Labels Wane (NYT)

Turning CT scans into Art (New Scientist)

Anything else clickworthy?

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