10 Links for Monday

I am off to Vail for the Pacific Crest conference, but here is what I will be reading on the plane, including some Point/Counterpoint:

Debt Burden to Weigh on Stocks; Consumers’ Inability to Drive Economic Growth Likely to End Big Gains (WSJ)

Cash for This, Cash for That: You Name It, They Want It; Trade-Ins Catch On In a Down Economy (Washington Post).

Long view: bears will hold sway (FT)

Baltic Dry Index has worst week since October meltdown as Chinese demand slows (Telegraph)

VIX Signals S&P 500 Swoon as September Approaches (Bloomberg)

Don’t Dismiss Taibbi (CJR Audit)

Steven Pearlstein goes off: Propagating Falsehoods in Attacks on Health-Care Reform

Good Riddance, Ben Stein

Planet of Weeds (Harper’s)


What did I miss while travelling . . . ?

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