10 Links (Tuesday Version)

Here is our Tuesday Top Ten:

Loaded For Bair (The Big Money) Universally regarded as the sole member of the Bush administration’s crisis rescue team to have recognized early both the magnitude of the fraudulence in the mortgage business and the magnitude of the risk that fraud posed to the financial system, Bair has distinguished herself as not only our most populist regulator but, if a recent New Yorker profile is to be believed, our most intellectually curious and competent regulator as well.

Ben Bernanke Was Incredibly, Uncannily Wrong (Mises)  See the Video;

Lessons From Irwin T. Yamamoto (Kirk Report)

Beijing worries about another market crash (Associated Press); See also Andy Xie says China Market is a Ponzi Scheme

“Shadow” inventory lurks over U.S. housing recovery (Reuters)

•  Not Home Yet (The New Yorker)

Microsoft’s Long, Slow Decline (Daring Fireball)

Why Do We Spend $34 Billion in Alternative Medicine? (ABC)

High Risk, High Reward John McCain Was Looking for a Way to Shake Up His Campaign. He Took a Surprising Gamble on a Relative Unknown

Why people like cars with ‘angry faces’ (Christian Science Monitor)

Did I miss anything good ?

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