Good Riddance, Ben Stein

Ginormous money losing tool Ben Stein finally got shit canned by the New York Times.

Too bad it wasn’t for being the “world’s worst financial columnist.”

The commentary he produced at the Times was amongst the most irresponsible, poorly researched, and just goddammed wrong stuff ever to grace the business pages of the Grey Lady.

As I previously whined 18 months ago, “we’ve reached the point where Stein’s commentary has become detached from reality, so ridiculously fabricated, that it can no longer be read. Indeed, its become so absurd that not only have I decided to skip reading him, I am immediately making the public commitment to stop commenting on his Tom Foolery.”

The low point of Ben Steinery was his August 12 2007, column, Chicken Little’s Brethren, on the Trading Floor. Stein made the absurd argument that because sub-prime was so tiny relative to the US Economy, it was meaningless. Those who followed his advice lost millions.

It is actually kinda sad that rather being being expelled for being a really bad commentator, he was tossed out for being a shameless shill for a sleazy outfit.

Right result, wrong reason.


Farewell To Ben Stein (January 29th, 2008)

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Ryan Tate
Gawker, 5:56 PM Aug 6 2009

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Felix Salmon, August 7th, 2009

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