Wednesday 10 Linkage

OK, I assume that nothing is going on as everyone waits for the FOMC. Here is an earlier than usual 10 Links:

‘A Recovery Only a Statistician Can Love’ (Washington Post); But See Also As Economy Turns, Washington Looks Better (NYT)

Forecastors Ignore Their Own Lack of Accuracy (WSJ)

Post-crash dynamics (Hussman Funds)

Economists Call for Bernanke to Stay (WSJ)

Goldman Sachs may be bad, but it’s far from the worst (Big Money)

Krugman-Stross: A conversation between Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning economist and Charlie Stross (CS). Hugo-winning science fiction author.(Anticipation World Con)

Beta Test Google’s next-generation search architecture (Google Webmaster Central)

Rove’s Involvement in U.S. Attorney Firings Detailed in E-mails (Bloomberg)

A Soldier’s Eye in the Sky (NYT)

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold (Esquire)

By the time the Fed release cones, I will be somewhere over the Mid-West. Feel free to post any other links — Fed links especially appreciated!

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