Finance Giants: From $1.87T to $290B to $947B

Fabulous interactive graphic in the NYT showing how the major finance shops fell, bottomed, then rebounded.

Karl Russell and Shan Carter used Bloomberg data to track the market value of these 29 finance firms — from giant Citigroup down to the much smaller Comerica — and how it waxed and waned throughout the crisis.

At the market peak, the capitalization of these firms was $1.87 trillion dollars; At the March ’09 lows, they were worth a mere $290 billion. They have since snapped back to $947 billion — more than triple the value at the lows, but still half the peak:

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fin gi1
fin g 2
fin gi 3

chart courtesy of NYT


Ain’t finance grand?


How the Giants of Finance Shrunk, Then Grew, Under the Financial Crisis
NYT, September 12, 2009

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