Afternoon Reads

Most linkfests involve me discussing what I have read. Today, I am posting a list of what I would be reading, if I was doing my normal commute, time in the office, etc.

Jittery Companies Stash Cash (WSJ)

Please Listen to Sheila Bair (Dealbook)

The Easy Money’s Been Made (Barron’s)

Can Citigroup Carry Its Own Weight? (Sunday NYT)

Goldman Looks to Buy Fannie Tax Credits (WSJ)

• Left/Right Politics gets interesting:

The GOP Establishment Must Be Purged as the GOP Loses in NY-23 (RedState)
Alan Grayson, the Liberals’ Problem Child (Week in Review)

• Newspaper Pro & Con:

Business Is a Beat Deflated (NYT)
Newspapers aren’t doing as badly as you think (Slate)

Why AT&T Killed Google Voice (Andy Kessler)

DVR, Once a Mortal Foe, Is a Friend After All (NYT)

What are you reading ?

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