Monday Reading

Some interesting stories to start off your week:

China has now become the biggest risk to the world economy (Telegraph)

Hedgies Unhinged (New York Magazine)

Gold prices are a dead giveaway (Independent)

The Debt Economy (James Surowiecki)

Coming Soon: Jobs! (Slate)

Gretchen Morganson: Home Builders (You Heard That Right) Get a Gift

Water on the Moon (NASA)

Belle de Jour revealed as research scientist (Times of London)  “She has been writing a novel, and the Belle blog will “continue for a bit — I’d like her to have happy ending”.” (I assume the pun was unintentional)

• Video: Leopard Seal teaches photographer how to hunt penguins (National Geographic)

What are you reading?

Hedgies Unhinged
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