Miami Herald: A look back at the best business books of 2009

Bailout Nation made another “Best of” year end list:

A look back at the best business books of 2009

I didn’t — couldn’t — read every business book published during the past year, but I was still gob-smacked by the number of books that I did read in 2009, including a few just for fun. (Imagine that!) But among those that I read and reviewed in this space, these titles represent the ones that I thought were exceptional, have lasting value and were worth my time — and yours.
A few things that may have deserved inclusion didn’t make the cut for one reason or another, and some worthy titles that came out in 2009 won’t get reviewed until January. Them’s the breaks. You may have a few choices that aren’t here either. If you’d like to share, I’m always happy to get e-mail from readers. After all, you make this all possible.

Thanks for reading!

(Books listed in chronological order by review. Date of original review follows each title. Full reviews of all books on this list are online at

Bailout Nation: How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World Economy. Barry Ritholtz. Wiley. 332 pages. 6/1/09

Economist and investment guru Barry Ritholtz’s blog, The Big Picture, is a mandatory daily stop for many. This honest, unvarnished look at the forces that screwed up the U.S. economy is a worthy candidate for a time capsule so that future financial operators can avoid the same traps that we fell into. Or at least howl when history repeats itself.


A look back at the best business books of 2009
Business Monday books columnist Richard Pachter offers his highly subjective list of favorites.
Miami Herald, 12.28.09

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