Sunday Reads

After a week of gray, rain, grayer, snow, and even more gray, the sun is finally out. The snow has melted, and its gorgeous out. Time to take the two seater out for a ride, and enjoy the weather!

Meanwhile, I have several good reads from the past few days that are worth pouring a cup of coffee and spending some time with before the weekend is over:

Retailers Shift Focus to Post-Holiday Deals to Lure Buyers (Bloomberg)

A Flat Dow for [another] 10 Years? Why It Could Happen (Barrons)

• Corporate Governance two-fer:

Does Golden Pay for the CEOs Sink Stocks? (Yes) (WSJ)
What Iceberg? Just Glide to the Next Boardroom (NYT)

How Overhauling Derivatives Died (WSJ) Short answer: The US Congress, a wholly owned subsidiary of the banking sector.• More prime mortgages default in 3rd quarter (LA Times)

Andy Kessler: Put Down That Shovel! Forget old-fashioned infrastructure — here are 6 government projects to foster a lasting economic recovery.

• Media two-fer:

The Real Reason Newspapers Are Losing Money
The Tablet Hype: Why they can’t save newspapers (Slate)

• Green Daredevils: Rise of Wind Turbines Is a Boon for Rope Workers (NYT)

Give us our daily brand (Guardian)

The 2009 List of 2009 Lists (Fimoculous)

What are you reading?

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