Greed Heads: “Taking Down Capitalism the Hard Way”

So I am updating some of the content around the site — pages like, “About,” “Contact,” etc. — and I click around to a few pages to see how some of my friends have handled these.

Some are better than others, I get a few ideas, but nothing inspirational — until I click over to my friend Paul’s About page:

“Back before there were such things as credit default swaps, collateralized debt obligations, and subprime mortgages, we vandalism-loving greed-heads on Wall Street were forced to take down capitalism the hard way — by selling over-valued technology companies to an unsuspecting public via initial public offerings. While it eventually worked out (c.f., the tech crash of 2000), the next generation of Wall Street-ers learned from our inefficiency and took down the global money grid in half the time it took us to mess up Nasdaq. Lesson learned.”

That is destined to become an instant classic . . .

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