Monday Reads

Quite a few interesting stories today in them papers. Here is what caught my eye:

• Will Toyota’s problems hurt Honda? (CNN/Money)

• Parsing 200 years of gold trades (MarketWatch)

• Bill Gross is getting Ornery in his old age (PIMCO) . . . Hey McCulley! Take this guy fishing or sumpthin!

• Vice Chairman Donald Kohn Retires, a Look at 40 Years at the Fed (Real Time Economics)

• The Hidden Costs Of Mutual Funds (WSJ)

• Time to outlaw naked credit default swaps (FT)

• The Future of Money: It’s Flexible, Frictionless and (Almost) Free (Wired)

• A New Algorithm to Attack Art Fraud (ieee)

• Manure becomes pollutant as its volume grows unmanageable (Washington Post)

• iTunes Prize Winner to Steve Jobs: “Yeah Right, Who Is This Really?” (Rolling Stone)

What caught your eye . . . ?

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