Monday Reads

I’m outta here early for the holiday, but not before I left you with some worthwhile reading materials:

The Official Announcement: US to Sell 7.7 Billion shares of Citigroup Common Stock (Treasury)

Euro Trashed: The euro zone is broken. Germany should leave and form its own monetary union. (NYT)

• Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) hires its first lobbyist (Bloomberg)

• Eddie Lampert the Next Buffet? Hardly (Business Week)

• John Bogle: Old-fashioned investing advice still applies (LA Times)

• The Mother of All Jobless Recoveries (The Atlantic)

• Reform in Congress Lacking Cash Clause to Stop Lehman-Like Runs (Bloomberg)

Dan Gross asks this about politics: Is 2010 Going To Be 1994 or 1934? (Slate)

• China’s official instructions on reporting on Google (Washington Post)

• The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables (flickr)

•  Trashing Michael Lewis new book, The Big Short, for what it gets wrong (naked capitalism)

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