Tuesday Reads

An eclectic brew of reads today:

• One Year Later… (Market Talk)
• Lessons NOT to learn from anniversaries (Marketwatch)
• 43% have less than $10k for retirement (CNN/Money)
• Europe bars Wall Street banks from government bond sales (Guardian)
• Why every nation cooks its books (MSN)
• Whither securitization? (The Deal)
• Slashing the Deficit without Massive Tax Hikes (BusinessWeek)
Ack! Analyst: Dish May Have To Shut Down 8M DVRs After TiVo Legal Loss (MultiChannel)
• Vineyard Defaults Surge as Lost California Land Values Undermine Napa Wine (Bloomberg)
• Data Underload: Famous Movie Quotes  (Flowing Data)

What’s filling your visual field?

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