Wednesday Reads

Lots of interesting stuff on the docket today — beyond what I have mentioned earlier today:

• Job Market Confirms End of Recession (NBER member)

• Who Controls Bank of Japan? (The Diplomat)

• Greenspan’s Delusions Get Much Worse With Age (Bloomberg)

• Edward Glaeser: Why Your House’s Value (Probably) Won’t Rise (Economix)

• Fannie Mae National Housing Survey (Fannie Mae PDF)

Sheila Bair: Beyond Bankruptcy And Bailouts (WSJ)

• Transportation Secretary: Toyota `Knowingly Hid’ Pedal Defect in Violation of U.S. Law (Bloomberg)

• Asia launches reforms for OTC derivatives (FT) Glad to see someone is . . .

• Why The iPad Actually Strengthens Amazon’s Position (Paid Content)

• Superheavy Element 117 — ununseptium — Makes Debut  (Science News)

• Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water — in Legos (flickr)

What are you reading ?

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