Weekend Reading

Ahhh, glorious Spring is upon is: The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the muddy remnants of recent storms are beginning to dry out. The hammock beckons!

Before I head out East to see if our summer house is still standing, here are a few worthwhile reads for those of you suffering in less delightful weather zones of the world.

• NBER’s Hall Says Payrolls Make It ‘Pretty Clear’ Recession Over (Bloomberg)

• Time to rebalance (The Economist)

Pssst: Wall Street Is Hiring Again (Time)

A Mark Hulbert Two-fer:
. . . . .-A bullish reading of the Presidential Election Year Cycle  (Marketwatch)
. . . . .-Should you sell in April and go away? (Marketwatch)

John Bogle: Old-fashioned investing advice still applies (LA Times)

• A Banker Finds Cash Cow in Failures (WSJ)

CNN.com launched a new breaking news blog: This Just In

• Barney Frank: Another Staffer Flips to Wall Street (Marketbeat)

• You Tube turns 5 (Wired)

• Moral judgments can be altered … by magnets (MIT)

• My favorite April Fools headline: Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he’s from the future (CNET)

• Catfight! Blodget and Salmon on Blodget vs. Salmon: The Last Word (Village Voice)

Let’s go open thread with the rest of this:  What are you reading that is particularly insightful, informative, or simply interesting ?

Or are you simply marking time, waiting for the premiere of the new Dr. Who series on BBC in 2 weeks ?

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