Thoughts on Doing a Video/Podcast

One of the regular requests into the Big Picture inbox is the idea of doing some sort of regular broadcast — a radio show, an audio podcast, a video segment.  I am intrigued by the idea, but there are a few hurdles that need to be overcome:

• I have zero interest in doing anything lo-fi. (Skype is out !)

• This should be about the people I have access to (everyone from Rosie to Ratigan) and not about me.

• The production values need to be decent — a desk and 2 chairs are fine — but I want to have the ability to show charts and graphs and the like.

• It needs to satisfy clients who get perturbed when we “give it away.”

One reader suggestion was to do a 30-45 minute video podcast, sell the full show on iTunes, but put 3-5 minute snippets up on the blog. (Not a bad idea) A friend suggested doing an audio simulcast, which is smaller, lighter and cheaper.

I looked into this, and the costs of shooting, editing and hosting are about $5k per week. (You can do it cheaper, but it looks worse). This can be paid for via advertisements, or by subscriptions. All of this can be done on iTunes, and then migrated to YouTube for free 12 Months later.


What are your thoughts on this? Is it worthwhile to explore? What is something like this worth per month — an audio podcast for full video show — if anything ?

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