Weekend Reads

I have a ton of work to get through today, but here are the readings that I found interesting . . .

• Grading Financial Regulatory Reform (TBP)

• WSJ gets surprisingly Bullish on the recovery:
. . . . .
-Factories Grapple With How Fast to Ramp Up (JUNE 20, 2010)
. . . . . -Seeing Economic Rebound, Firms Step Up Spending (JUNE 25, 2010)

• Martin Wolf: Why it is right for central banks to keep printing (FT.com)

• Fannie And Freddie: Where Do We Go From Here?  (NPR)

• Ben Bernanke needs fresh monetary blitz as US recovery falters (Telegraph)

• Jay Rosen on Why the American Press Sucks (Press Think)

• BP Oil Spill Boosts Infographic Industry, Creates Jobs (Reformed Broker)

• Scott Adam’s Exobrains (Dilbert.com)

• Cartography of the Strange: (Book at AMAZON, Review at GOOD)

• On the 1 year anniversary of Jackson’s death, The “Thriller” Diaries (Vanity Fair)

What’s on your weekend reading list ?

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