What some US ceo’s are saying about Europe

The new big question for the US economy is of course what impact the prospect of European weakness will have on our growth. While its still early on and thus uncertain what the impact will be, here are some comments today from some US co’s: “DOW ceo says seeing strong demand in Europe.” The ceo also said “China is still very robust.” “GM sees euro zone effect to be neutral.” Warren Buffet said “European crisis not yet threatening Berkshire.” Avnet, a large distributor of computer and related products, said at a conference today that they are not seeing any impact on demand right now from Europe. With respect to the concerns with Europe expressed Tuesday from Hitachi it seemed more related to funding concerns of certain projects that has created a sense of limbo for some of their divisions. As the ceo of MSFT said last week, all co’s are on the lookout for any impact and we look forward to their comments.

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