Long Weekend Reading

Some very interesting beach reading for the long weekend:

• Former Intel chief Andy Grove: How America Can Create Jobs  (Businessweek)

• Federal Reserve Made U.S. Taxpayers Junk-Bond Buyers  (Bloomberg)

• Revenge of the Bond Nerds (Barron’s)

• Robert Prechter, in the Sunday Times forecasting Dow 1,000:  A Market Forecast That Says ‘Take Cover’ (NYT)

• James Surowiecki:  MASTERS OF MAIN STREET (The New Yorker) How autodealers weaseled out of finreg reform

• As Oil Industry Fights a Tax, It Reaps Billions From Subsidies (NYT)

• Consumer Bankruptcy Filings at Highest Level Since 2005 (Real Time Economics)

• Lenovo: Apple is losing out in China (FT.com)

Amazon acquires WOOT.com, leading to the best “We got bought” letter ever: Amazon, Woot, and You: But Mostly Woot (Woot.com)

• Why Intelligent People Fail (Accelerating Future)

• One reason why humans are special and unique: We masturbate. A lot (Scientific American)

• How to whip up a good Sci-Fi dinner party  (Grumpy Frenchman)

How was your long weekend?

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