Tuesday Linkage

Worth your time:

• Study: Boards Use Peers to Inflate Executive Pay (Dealbook)

• How hunger affects our financial risk taking  (BPS Research)

• ‘Systemic risk’ theory gains in stature as way to prevent the next bubble (Washington Post)

• Apartment Rentals Surge in U.S. on Foreclosures, Jobs (Bloomberg)

• Bruce Bartlett:  Sweden imposes a penalty rate on excess reserves while the Fed subsidizes banks for not lending.  (Fiscal Times)

• Credit Cards Take From Poor, Give to the Rich (WSJ)

• Another Way to Look at HAMP (The Mess That Greenspan Made)

• Who Killed the Climate Bill?  (Foreign Policy)

• Pols Cope With Fiscal Cognitive Dissonance (Barron’s)

• The Best Magazine Articles Ever (kk)

What are you reading?

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