Weekend Linkfest

Quite a few terrific articles worth reading to finish your weekend or start your week:

• Martin Wolf: Demand shortfall casts doubt on early austerity (FT.com)

• Debt is Still the Major Problem and Deflation is the Painful Solution (Comstock Partners)

• The three biggest lies about the economy (Marketwatch)

Show Him the Money: Tom Donohue scares millions of dollars out of corporations and Republicans. But is his U.S. Chamber of Commerce good for business?  (Washington Monthly)

• Gold is not as expensive as it seems (The Economist)

• The Con of the Decade: the transfer of private debt to the public (the marks), who then pays interest forever to the con artists (Of Two Minds)

• James K. Galbraith: The key to financial recovery: restoring the rule of law on Wall Street. (The New Republic)

• 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells in Gulf of Mexico ignored by government, industry (NOLA.com)

• The kiss of the death cross (Marketwatch)

• Tips on Settling Defaulted Federal Student Loans (NYT Bucks)

• Judge slams, slashes “unconstitutional” $675,000 P2P award (Ars Technica)

• Wow, OT Victory for Spain. (ESPN)

Enjoy the World Cup — Overtime!

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