CrowdQuery: New Apple Music Product?

I’ve been kicking around an idea in my head and I finally decided to act on it.

There are all these issues that I find interesting. Some are market related, some are cultural, some are technology, some simply random. On these subjects, I may or may not have a well-formed opinion. But they are the sorts of things that a smart, well-informed readership such as this (stop sucking up) can have a field day with.

Rather than do an unfocused open thread, I’d rather do something with a little more precision : Call it the CrowdQuery.

Most weekday evenings, I will post on a subject that (hopefully) lends itself to a robust discussion. It could touch upon several topics, it could be narrowly focused.

Our initial CrowdQuery is this evening, and its on the Apple event scheduled for Wednesday. I have no idea what it is going to be, but I have 3 ideas:

1. An iTunes subscription model of all you can eat (like Rhapsody)

2. The Beatles finally on iTunes Music Store

3. iTV:  Apple does for TV what they have done for MP3 players and Smart phones: They build 50″, 60 and 70″ flatscreens with built in streaming web video, DVR, online web purchases, full browsing, remote programming viewing over IM or online, etc.

The obvious call is a revamped iPod line up . . .  but whats the fun in forecasting that?

So . . . What say ye?


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