Monday Reads

Here are the items that I found most intriguing today:

• Yield Curve as Recession Harbinger (WSJ)

• Ports wary of stunted holiday rush  (LA Times)

• Rates Fall as Market Fears Economic Weakness (NYT)

• Can the Nation Stimulate Its Way to Prosperity? (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)

• Turbocharged Germany: Their economy is growing by 9%/yr (Economist)

• Mutual Fund Cash Balloons (The Bond Buyer)

• “Was TARP Passed Under Bush or Obama? (Pew Research) Only 34% of Americans can answer that correctly…

• Invasion of the Argentine Ants (Esquire)

• Redesigning the New York City subway map (O’Reilly)

• The World’s Largest Tidal Turbine, Unveiled (Good)

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