Thursday Reads

A couple of items that caught my eye today:

This is bloody brilliant: What Fat Ladies In Bikinis Taught Me About Investing (Weakonomics)

• The Monetary Base and Bank Lending: You Can Lead a Horse to Water… (St.L Fed)

Today’s infoporn: America’s Debt: The Big Wave (Wall St Cheat Sheet)

• ‘Hindenburg’ Creator Sticks to Guns (WSJ)

• Professional Double-Dip Guesses are “Probably” Wrong (Investing Caffeine)

• Foreclosures drop, but new delinquencies rise (Marketwatch)

Surprising from Caroline Baum: Forget Bed Bugs, Tax Increases Are Bush’s Fault (Bloomberg)

• Building a Nation of Know-Nothings (Opinionator)

• Bill O’Reilly on Porn, circa 1974 (The Boston Phoenix)  Original article (1974)

• Happy 35th birthday, global warming!  (Real Climate)

What are you reading?

Use the comments for an open thread about whatever catches your fancy!

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