Most Consequential Economy/Business Commentators in US?

Tunku Varadarajan of NYU and the Daily Beast (formerly of the WSJ Op-Ed pages) asks this interesting question:

If you were to put together a list of the “Top Dozen most consequential commentators in the American media on the economy/business” who would you include?

Recall that we previously assisted Tunku with his Most Influential Journalists (by Political Orientation)

He adds:

As always, a few rules: If we limit this list to journalist-commentators (exclude the academics who write frequently for the popular media Roubini, John Taylor, Robert Frank etc.). This is not a list of the most consequential economists, for therein lies mayhem! If we include the as part of the “American” media, and, of course, blogs, TV, and magazines; and the list will strive to be heterodox.

A classic example of someone who fits the bill would be James Grant, or Martin Wolf.


Tonite’s crowd query: Who are the most “consequential” economy/business commentators?

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