I Bid $100,000 (plus equity) for Bess Levin !

OK, let me help resolve this:

Delightfully foulmouthed Wall St. watcher Bess Levin is somehow gumming up the NY Observer’s purchase of Dealbreaker, the site that is essentially Bess Levin (plus other unimportant stuff), according to Henry Blodget’s site BusinessInsider.

Girlfriend, get yourself an agent and get in the big leagues. Regardless of your use of language (which sure as hell doesn’t offend us), there are lots of sites that could beef up their coverage of Wall Street with you:

• Rolling Stone.com: Taibbi has made it clear that there is no language restrictions;
• New York Magazine Intelligencer has never steered clear of salty language;
• Blodget’s Business Insider would love to maker you part of his growing site (hence the coverage);
• StockTwits Network (but Howard pays more equity than cash, so you would have to wait till someone takes them out before your payday).

I’m not sure I agree BI’s reason for Dealbreaker “going for so cheap.” Its widely read, but only because of Bess. And i don’t buy that “its hard to sell ads against its very entertaining but gossipy and sexed-up content” as tobacco, liquor and Vegas have no problems with R-rated language.

Hence, my offer. If  no one steps up, and Bess cannot extend her contract on acceptable grounds, I will. I am confident we  can sell at least  $10k a month against her traffic . . .


The New York Observer Is Close To Buying Dealbreaker, But Bess Levin Is Holding Everybody Hostage
Nicholas Carlson
Business Insider, Oct. 4, 2010, 12:00 PM

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