Welcome to Crazytown


From Votesanity.org

Several of the candidates running for office next Tuesday are crazy. Most of them are running as Republicans. All of them are going to make Washington more dysfunctional than it is already. If they get into office, they will have a substantially larger platform from which to promote their terrible ideas. Ex. Sharon Angle opposing abortion for rape and incest victims as a former member of the Nevada legislator (and chairman of the Washoe County GOP precinct organization effort) is not nearly as awful as Hon. Sharon Angle, United State Senator doing the same thing.

You can see the website at www.votesanity.org and you can view “Welcome to Crazytown” by clicking the link..

These people have a very good chance to win and now is just not the time to hand the inmates the keys to the asylum.

So send your friends and family — heck, send everyone- to VOTESANITY.ORG. Once they visit we’re sure they’ll come out on November 2nd to vote for reasonable people and policies.

I hope we’ll see you there and remember — VOTE SANITY, because you might be mad, but they are CRAZY.

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