Bought the iPad

Ok, so you guys convinced me: I finally bought a iPad (wifi 32G) for my birthday — had it about 3 weeks now.

Here are some observations:

1) I’ve been a Mac guy since my Classic in 1989 — and I was shocked at the lack of instructions, documentations, anything. To be blunt, it was scandalous. That hasn’t stopped the thing from being the fastest selling gadget of all time.

2) After the first week of annoyance, I got into the groove with it. But there was a weird learning curve — cliff, really. Then suddenly, it makes sense.

3) The App store is organized like my dorm room was in college — not unlike what Patton did to Europe. (I’m saying its a mess).

4) I did not get the 3G version, because for a slightly more expensive monthly fee, I can get the The Virgin MiFi  Hot Spot that will work with the iPad AND my laptop

5) Some apps I really like:

WSJ — its a great interactive way to read a paper. Much better than any of the other media apps I have (NPR,FT and the NYT; Bloomberg is pretty good, could use some more sizzle);

• Instapaper: You install a bookmark on your various PCs, and whenever you want to read something later, you click a book mark titled (wait for it) Read Later. It shows up magicaly on your iPad and your Instapaper site. Genius!

Email is simple and works well.

Epicurious is a delightful cookbook; IMDB is great for movies

iBooks is where I read all of my PDFs

iPhoto: I’ve had this on my Mac for years, but it works beautifully on the iPad.

I haven’t really found much else in terms of Apps I play with often. No games really, hardly any productivity apps or other items like that.

If anyone wants to suggest your favorite app or two, I would love to hear your suggestions . . .


UPDATE: November 5, 201 5:58am

Lots of great app suggestions in comments, but I have small request: Each morning, I have to manually reload everything: The WSJ and NYT editions, Instapaper, Bloomberg, Email, etc.

I would love to find a way to have that occur automatically at a scheduled time. Any suggestions, or is that beyond the capability of this gen 1 device?

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