The Economist’s Sinodependency Index

CHINA is now the biggest export market for countries as far afield as Brazil (accounting for 12.5% of Brazilian exports in 2009), South Africa (10.3%), Japan (18.9%) and Australia (21.8%).

Reflecting this, The Economist has constructed a “Sinodependency index”, comprising 22 members of America’s S&P 500 stockmarket index with a high proportion of revenues in China. The index is weighted by the firms’ market capitalization and the share of their revenues they get from China:

Yum! Brands

(I’ll see if i can track down the full list)

The index outperformed the broader S&P 500 by 10% in 2009, when China’s economy outpaced America’s by over 11 percentage points. But it reconverged in April, as the Chinese government grappled with a nascent housing bubble.



The indispensable economy?
China may not matter quite as much as you think
The Economist Oct 28th 2010 | Hong kong

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