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Dennis the menace writesI appreciate the links (5 New Favorite Sites for Readers), but I am curious as to what YOU think is the most interesting items. Be the meta-curator.

Okay, that’s not a bad idea — my picks from what these other sites suggest. Here are the 5 readings I found most interesting this week:

• Warren Buffett’s Biographer, Alice Schroeder Part 1: The Forging of A Skeptic  (Simoleon Sense)

• WHAT MAKES STOCK PRICES MOVE? Academics have long argued that the market’s swings, though unpredictable, are always rational and efficient. After the crash, a growing number say it ain’t necessarily so. (Fortune)   Note: This was a post-crash article, from 1988

• Books After Amazon (Boston Review)

Divided We Eat: What food says about class in America (Newsweek)

• The sports infidelity equationMoney, fame, opportunity and scrutiny still testing marriages a year after Tiger scandal (ESPN)

As you can tell, this won’t be as market/economics heavy as past linkfests. If people find this interesting, I am sure I can do it a few times . . .

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