Ten Questions Science Must Answer

For 350 years, the Royal Society has called on the world’s biggest brains to unravel the mysteries of science. Its president, Martin Rees, considers today’s big issues, while leading thinkers describe the puzzles they would love to see solved.

The 10 big questions

What is consciousness?

What happened before the big bang?

Will science and engineering give us back our individuality?

How are we going to cope with the world’s burgeoning population?

Is there a pattern to the prime numbers?

Can we make a scientific way of thinking all pervasive?

How do we ensure humanity survives and flourishes?

Can someone explain adequately the meaning of infinite space?

Will I be able to record my brain like I can record a programme on television?

Can humanity get to the stars?

The full discussion, at The Guardian, is fascinating.


Ten questions science must answer
Martin Rees, with interviews by Alok Jha and John Crace
The Guardian, Tuesday 30 November 2010

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