Tracking the Global Recession

The folks at have built a global timeline looking at “how and where it started, when Britain became involved in the economical downfall and how the world have built themselves back up.”

The worst economic crisis in decades played out like a soap opera of epic proportions – the bad guys were vilified, speculation ran wild and drama unfolded on an almost daily basis.

We’ve tracked the credit crunch in the UK and beyond, from the very first rumblings of trouble to the official end point, and present it here in what may be the most detailed timeline of the recession online.

By using the links alongside each headline, you can find more detail about that particular event – however, rather than use traditional news sources, we’ve linked to quality blogs that reported on the news as it broke in an effort to accurately reflect the sentiments at ground level.

Needless to say, is not responsible for the quality of outside content, nor are we affiliated with any of the opinions expressed therein. That said, it is interesting to note how accurate many of the predictions made by the bloggers below came to be.

Very cool . . .

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