Coming Soon: Full “Bloomberg Anywhere” App on iPad

Went out for dinner tonight with some guys from the office and a institutional salesguy we would love to hire (very smart, does good business, a great addition to the office).

After dinner, a Bloomberg Tech guy recognizes me — “Your an equity, dude, right?” — and he sees me playing with the iPad. “Are you a Bloomberg anywhere user? Wait until you see the new app!

He looks too young to be a hippy, but that’s how he speaks. I ask him about the app, and he replies: “Its the full Bloomberg terminal ON YOUR IPAD, MAN FULL BLOOMIE ON THE PAD!”

It turns out he’s on the design or sales team, and is utterly blown away by his employer’s  awesomeness. (Good for him)

Note that this is not merely the current app on the iPad, but full blown Bloomberg terminal access.

If you think about this, its not a surprise. Log into Bloomberg Data Service from your desktop, and you essentially turn your PC into a dumb terminal, with all the heavy lifting being done by Bloomberg’s iron. There’s no reason why you cant turn an iPad into a dumb terminal either, the front end for all of Bloomberg’s analytics.


Question: What does this say about the adoption of Apple iPad/iPhone by the Enterprise?

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