“New Years” Readings for Monday

Here are the latest additions to my Instapaper:

• The New Speed of Money, Reshaping Markets (NYT)

• Electric Cars Get Charged for Battle (BusinessWeek)

• Algorithms Take Control of Wall Street (Wired)

• Sweden Shows Central Bankers How to Fight Next Asset Bubble (Bloomberg)

• Funny = Money (NYT Magazine)

• 439 Ways to Hate Bank of America (Deal Journal)

• Byron Wien’s Ten Unlikely Surprises for 2011 (Blackstone Group)

• The Blog in 2011: More Pictures, More Words (Mediate)

• Can You Live Forever? Maybe Not–But You Can Have Fun Trying (Scientific American)

• Dave Barry’s Year in Review: Why 2010 Made Us Sick (Washington Post)

What do you think is worth reading?

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