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Back home after a little R&R — unpacking, relaxing, and thinking about the coming next few months. They should be interesting.

The temp has climbed up to 40 degrees, so I am sitting on the back deck — we still have lots of snow for the dogs to romp in, and they are. I am listening to dance hall reggae, sipping some banana rum, and easing out of the Caribbean mindset.

International goings on seem more fast moving, volatile and unpredictable than ever. I have fired up what is probably is my last contraband Havana Cubana — a Romeo & Juliet — as relations with Cuba more like to become normalized over the next year or so than anytime during my lifetime. (Nice smoke)

I grabbed tons-o-snaps while away; I’ll see if I can choose a few select for viewing.

I also have quite a few interesting research pieces in the works.

Should be a very interesting couple of weeks.

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