Fannie/Freddie Market Share Plummeted During Boom

You may have missed Matt Phillips massive read Friday afternoon on the GSEs in the WSJ blog Marketbeat.

The entire piece is definitely worth your time, but I found one chart especially compelling: It shows Fannie & Freddie’s market share plummeting from over 70% to under 40%, as Wall Street securitized all manner of non-conforming mortgages:



There is no way to reconcile this chart with the jihadist blatherings of folks like AEI and CATO.

The facts of the matter are simply this: During the housing boom, it was Wall Street, and their mad purchases of Sub-Prime, Alt A and non conforming loans for their privately issued securitization that drove the credit bubble. Not, as the ideologically blinded Peter Wallison claims, Fannie & Freddie.

Class dismissed.

Fannie and Freddie: The Saga in Charts
Matt Phillips
Marketbeat, February 11, 2011

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