Traveling !

Its been a busy time in the office, madness on the blog, and a miserable winter.

Thus, I am heading off to warmer climes this week for a little R&R.

I am leaving the blog in the estimable hands of Jonathan Miller of Miller Matrix and Invictus (Rosie’s former colleague).

I may squeeze in a few early morning posts while Mrs. Big Picture is catching Zzzzs.

The past few days have seen an immense surge of spam comments. 1,000s that are crushed by the filter, and about 2000 per day that are manually reviewed for false positives — with about 0.50% of all filtered spam comments showing flase positives — meaning, real comments thought to be spam. These will not be reviewed this week, so if your comments seem to take forever to appear, or worse yet, disappear, please bear with us.

Its likely a coincidence, but my travel history has the markets doing odd things when I travel The 2000 top and 2003 bottom, the October 2007 highs some far away city; most infamously, the Flash Crash took place while I was airborne at 30,000 feet.

Hence, if the markets do something screwy this week, at least you were warned (Heh heh).

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