Tuesday Afternoon Reads

• Great Inflation Debate: Big Week for Inflationistas (Marketbeat)

• Bubblemania: Is It Time to be Skeptical of the Skeptics? (Observer)

• The History of Too Big To Fail (Focus)

• Bernanke two-fer:
-Fed dictator Bernanke needs to be toppled (Marketwatch)
-The FOMC is Right to Stay the Course on QE2 (Jeff Frankels Weblog)

• Moody’s CMBS delinquency tracker tops 9% for first time (Housing Wire)

• The sabotaging of Iran (FT.com)

• “Crazy Eddie” Fraudster to return to crime, thanks to Anti-Regulators (DAGblog)

• The Untold Story of How My Dad Helped Invent the First Mac (Fast Co Design)

• Conan 2.0 (Fortune)

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