OPEN THREAD: Worst Day in the Market Since 8.11.10

Its likely a coincidence, but my travel history has the markets doing odd things when I roam. The 2000 top and 2003 bottom, the October 2007 highs while I was in some far away city; most infamously, the Flash Crash took place while I was airborne at 30,000 feet.

Hence, if the markets do something screwy this week, at least you were warned (Heh heh).

2.20.11 Traveling !


Oops . . . My bad . . . sorry.


Let’s use as an excuse to open the floor up to the crowd, and see what this might mean:

What does today mean to the next 3 – 6 months of market action?

Was this merely a twitch, a warning tremor, or the beginning of something much more ominous?

What say ye?

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