Is Twitter Worth More Than We Think?


CNBC’s John Melloy mentions what may be the best analysis I’ve seen on the “Charlie Sheen effect.”

It comes from Lou Kerner, a keen eyed analyst at Wedbush. (See chart above) Kerner notes that Sheen may be Twitter’s “Lazy Sunday” moment:

Content Creators #Winning

In December, 2005 a Saturday Night Live skit called Lazy Sunday was uploaded to Youtube. One week later, Lazy Sunday surpassed 2 million views and by the time NBC had the video removed, the Lazy Sunday clip had generated 7 million video views. Lazy Sunday launched YouTube into the spotlight and ten months later, Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 Billion.

Twitter had its Lazy Sunday moment on February 28th when Charlie Sheen created his @charliesheen Twitter account. In just over 25 hours, Sheen amassed over 1 million followers, making the @charliesheen account the fastest to ever reach 1 million followers and making Twitter headline news.

I couldn’t begin to pit a dollar value on Twitter using traditional metrics of revenue and profits; but between Egypt and Sheen, their “buzz factor” went up immeasurably.¬† That makes a potential bidder more probable.


See also: Charlie Sheen sues Warner Bros., Chuck Lorre

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