Libyan Pres Sheen/Moammar and a Half Men

As seen by the S&P futures this morning, the market seems to have entered a more manic phase of its cycle as the moves are getting a bit more violent in either direction following every tick in crude prices. It’s certainly interesting times. With this said, it’s become indistinguishable between the recently expressed thoughts of Charlie Sheen and Moammar Gadhafi so maybe Sheen is thought to soon run Libya and Gadhafi is the new star of ‘Moammar and a Half Men’ and market participants think things will then begin to calm down or maybe the markets believe that the US economy is now generating enough job’s which will cushion the blow of higher food and energy prices. My point of the above is that government event risk, whether Fed policy and that of other global central bankers, southern European debt problems or unrest in the Middle East, continues to make fundamental stock investing all the more challenging.

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