Roubini: $100 billion of municipal-bond defaults

Alternative title: Chasing Whitney:

“A consulting firm founded by economist Nouriel Roubini said there could be close to $100 billion of municipal-bond defaults over the next five years as state and local government-debt problems damp the U.S. economic recovery.

That figure would by most estimates represent a significant increase over defaults in recent history, but it doesn’t appear to be as dire as a prediction last year by analyst Meredith Whitney . . .

The report, by David Nowakowski and Prajakta Bhide at Roubini Global Economics and released to clients Monday, says state and local debt problems aren’t “systemic” in nature, nor will they “infect the financial system.” The authors of the report declined to comment.”

I am unaware of Nowakowski and Bhide, but I’d appreciate any insight into their expertise and track record.

Muni Default Estimate: $100 Billion
WSJ, MARCH 2, 2011

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