What is the Half Life of Your Favorite Technology?

I mentioned this on Bloomberg early this morning, but its worth exploring further: What is the average half life of your favorite technology?

We operate under the false assumption of substance and solidity, when in reality, things are deeply in flux. Everything changes, nothing lasts.

The various technologies we use are physical manifestations of ideas, but the reality is that most of these concepts are replaced after a very short period of time.

Consider that live performers was how we heard music for 10,000 plus years; then albums (~75 years ), then a variety of tape media (Reel-to-reel, cassettes, 8 Track, DAT), then CDS, and now those shiny silver discs are being replaced with MP3s and AAC lossless.

Consider these other technologies — how long are they likely to be around?


-Internal combustion engine

-Broadcast Television

-Organ Transplants


-Cell phones

-Screen touch/Swipe

-Credit Cards

What is the Half Life of Your Favorite Technology?

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