This should be pretty obvious, but it bears repeating: This is my blog, and I write what I want to, about the subjects that are of interest to me, in a way that I am comfortable with, on my own schedule, beholden to no one.

If that interests you, great. If you think this stuff is boring or of no use to you, that is fine also — there are millions of sites out there, go find something that gets you excited.

You are welcome to participate here so long as you follow a few simple rules.

If you do not care about the discussions here but only hang around because you are attracted by the page views — is “comment traffic whore” a meme yet? — then do not be surprised if and when you finally wear out your welcome. Behave like a cad, and you will no longer be welcome here.


Once I become convinced you are here for no other reason than the traffic or to enhance your own Google page rank, we are finito. It literally takes two clicks to delete your user name and every one of your past comments (as someone very unhappy will attest to).

When deciding whether to go for more comments versus better comments, I chose the latter. Hence, the required email address, moderation and minimum etiquette. The comments here remain are on topic, and relatively free of spammers and trolls.

Tonite, there is one less troll amongst us . . .


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