The Grand Delusion

From New Scientist (free registration required), comes a big look at why your brain misleads you so often: The grand delusion: Why nothing is as it seems.

What you see is not what you get

Your senses are your windows on the world, and you probably think they do a fair job at capturing an accurate depiction of reality. Don’t kid yourself  Read more

Blind to bias

Do you see the world through a veil of prejudice and self-serving hypocrisies? Or is it just other people who do that?  Read more

Head full of half-truths

One of the most important components of your self-identity – your autobiographical memory – is little more than an illusion  Read more

Egotist, moi?

Most drivers think they’re better than average. Most people think they’re less likely to have an inflated self-opinion than average. See the problem? Read more

Who’s in control?

Free will is at odds with the physical universe (Image: Raul Touzon/NGS/Getty)

The more we learn about the brain, the less plausible it becomes that we have free will Read more

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