The Lost Beatles Photographs: Bob Bonis Archive 1964-66

Via Brain Pickings, comes this lost archive of Beatles Photos

By now, the story of The Beatles has been told to death: Early 1960s, four lads from Liverpool invade America, ignite a cultural revolution, fame and fortune, blah blah blah.

Bob Bonis was the tour manager for the bands three U.S. tours, 1964, 1965, and 1966. Bonis was a passionate amateur photographer with a keen eye, an innate sense of composition, and a deep love for his subjects. He snapped over 900 photographs of the band—a remarkable collection that until now has only been known to family and close friends.

45 years later, these photos have bene released to the public. The Lost Beatles Photographs form a groundbreaking portrait of the most iconic band of the twentieth century at a pivotal time in their career, conquering America.

What makes Bonis’s photos so worthwhile is the unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access to The Beatles during their breakthrough moments on the world stage. From rehearsing backstage to stellar performances in concert, to the casual moments. In rehearsal, in concert, in dressing rooms, on vacation, at press events, and on the road.

1964: The Beatles at Seattle-Tacoma airport, heading to Vancouver for their first Canadian concert

The Beatles in Los Angeles

Bloomington’s Metropolitan Stadium on August 12, 1965

John Lennon in Portland, Oregon, on August 22, 1965

The Beatles begin their last tour, Detroit, August 13, 1966

Detroit on August 13, 1966

Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium on August 16, 1966

A toy gun (a gift from Elvis Presley) in Los Angeles 1964 U.S. tour

Busch Memorial Stadium in St. Louis, August 21, 1966

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