Bruxelles !

I took the red eye to Brussels last night (you know what that means for the markets). I flew the Indian airlines Jet Airways, which was delightful. Excellent service is so rare that it almost shocks the conscience when you experience it.

Not enough sleep! I took a few cat naps, but I am operating on adrenaline and caffeine. A quick shower helps, but its effects are not long-lasting. (Maybe I can score some blow and tooth grind my way through some meetings).

Flying into the Belgian countryside, its lots of farms and very old villages. Quite lovely.

A surprising amount of familiar names on buildings — CA, Microsoft, BDO, and I am staying at the Sheraton. Go figure.

Gas is €1.43 Euros per liter, or about $9.50 gallon, regular price, every day.

Its almost noon, and I am off to meet with some fund allocators. Later today, caffeine willing, I will chat with a group of other strategists/fund managers/economists on global events.

Must . . . get . . . more . . . coffee . . .

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