Late Afternoon Reads

My late afternoon reading:

• Here’s One Way to Beat the Market: Cheat!  (WSJ)
Wolf: The road to recovery gets steeper (FT)
An Economy that works: Job creation and America’s future (McKinsey)
Baum: Economy’s Naysayers Hold a Reunion (Bloomberg)
• Pimco Adjusts Holdings to Show Gross’s Fund Owns U.S. Debt (Bloomberg)
Stoller: Public pays price for privatization (Politico)
• Why Bankers Need to Be Put Into Little Boxes (Harvard Business Review)
• The Secret History of Boeing’s Killer Drone (Wired)
• How Markos Moulitsas’s website (Daily Kos) changed politics (City Pages)
• Patent talk: Apple sticks up for apps developers, while Microsoft loses in Supreme Court (Silicon Valley)

What are you reading?

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