The Sopranos: Complete Series $112

Amazon is running one of their daily deals, and this time, they are selling the complete series of The Sopranos for less than half price: $111.99, from the usual $299.98.

I was a fan of the series, best described as the “Anti-Godfather.” Not the noble families seen defending their honor from the top, but the thuggish working class gangsters and their daily lives. The series was a masterful character study of complexly flawed individuals. The Sopranos is nuanced, complicated, flawed, and about as subtle as a belly gunshot wound. At its heart, it is a long running Greek tragedy.

This set is 30 DVD discs for a total run time of 4980 minutes.

Two things to point out:

1) You can buy individual seasons on BluRay, but there does not seem to be a BluRay version of the set (I don’t understand that).

2) Any of the Soprano sets are available pre-owned for about $99.


One last note: The above set was released in November 2009; I suggest you avoid the 2008 Sopranos Complete Series Gift Set. It is the same collection of video on 33 discs, but it includes 2 CDs of music from the show. Originally released at $399.98, its on sale for $188.49.  But a $70 premium for two CDs of music? Those two CDs are available for about $1 used on Amazon (The Sopranos and The Sopranos – Peppers and Eggs)

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